Dear Parents,

As a mother of 2 little girls myself, I was constantly on the lookout for a suitable, first-rate daycare centre for my children. However, it seemed that none could fully fulfill my requirements. What I came across during my search was somewhat disappointing for various reasons: some centres could not offer the afternoon session including lunch, or I wasn’t entirely convinced about the location, or I didn’t feel that the premises and decor were conducive to an agreeable atmosphere etc. etc.

In addition to this, I witnessed how the constant staff turnover negatively affected my eldest, Sofie, and how she suffered from this in her early years. To this aim, my wish for Olivia, our second daughter, was that she be surrounded by a safe and steady environment where she could bond and build meaningful relationships with her careers. It was also imperative to me that her diet was healthy, balanced, preferably organic and served as it would be at home – certainly not on cheap plastic plates. I was looking for a daycare where they would encourage and support my child in her development, where they would ideally speak more than one language and above all, a place where I felt sure she would have fun. Essentially, I was looking for a daycare that keeps the promises made to us parents, after all, we entrust them to look after the most important and precious things in our lives, our children.

By chance, we were offered the opportunity to take over the premises of a daycare. My husband and I immediately decided to seize this opportunity and open our own daycare "KITA BÄRLIS" (Granitweg 6). We were very lucky to be able to find, hire and put together such a fantastic team. We fully renovated and redecorated the premises (obviously, everything is organic).

Due to the extraordinary demand, my husband I decided to open a second daycare centre not far from the existing one. VILLA BÄRLIS is on 'im Eisernen Zeit 31' and opened on February 1, 2019.

KITA BÄRLIS’ concept unifies everything that we think is important and in the best interests of our own children, Sofie and Olivia. At KITA BÄRLIS your child will be treated as if he or she was one of our own – this is why our motto is ‘Your second family’.

Sincerely yours,

Tatiana Victoria Bär